My Six Month Diaversary

Today I shared with facebook what it’s like in one day of my D-life. It was a surprisingly good day BG wise, so I didn’t have to do any extra finger pricks.

Here’s a summary of my posts:

7am – Well kids, it’s officially my 6 month diaversary, so in honor of World Diabetes Day which was Thursday, I’m going to share my journey today. Fasting glucose was 119, and I’m up WAY too early.

8 am – And now for breakfast, 31 carbs, no insulin, we’ll see how this goes. On the upside, waffles with spiced ricotta, yum!

10:30 am – BG of 155 after breakfast does NOT make me happy.

12:30 pm – Finally figured out lunch, pizza quesadilla and a Texas red grapefruit. Almost 60 carbs, so I’m trying 3 units of insulin.

3 pm Post-lunch BG 121. Much more like it. Now if I could just forget that I ruined my freshly polished nail to get the reading. Sigh.

6 pm – Wanted to bake. Looked up recipes. Found one. Input all ingredients into spark people to calculate nutrition facts. I finally know that there will be 31 carbs in two biscuits. Now what else am I going to eat?

6:20 pm – Alright, another 3 units of insulin before dinner for a bowl of chili and two pumpkin biscuits. Hope they’re good!

8:40 pm – And, last BG of the day (unless something goes terribly wrong) is 118. Not too shabby. Plus I get a bedtime snack. Woot!

10 pm – And for my last trick of the day, 4 units of lantus injected before bed. One day of diabetes down, only a lifetime to go.


World Diabetes Day

      Yesterday was World Diabetes Day. I participated in a few different hours of the 24 hour twitter chat #wddchat13, and it motivated me (at the ever so STRONG nudging of my husband) to blog. I guess the more information that’s out there, the more chance of people receiving it.

      I’ve learned so much through the DOC (diabetes online community) that traditional diabetes education and my health care providers haven’t taught me. At 6 months since my diagnosis I’d still be completely lost without them. Tomorrow is my 6 month diaversary, and I’m celebrating with an A1C of 6.1 (and that’s a huge shift from my 17.6 at diagnosis). I haven’t struggled with high blood sugars so much lately, but the lows are plentiful. I’m also scared to death at the idea of a pump or cgm. Having something attached to me 24/7 is not my cup of tea. Not to mention the cost of said devices.

      I expect to learn a lot more from this community, and hope that people will be able to learn from me as well. Here’s to a lifetime of managing this disease, learning from others, and participating in research. I’ll wear blue and tweet about the D. Hope to see you all in the #dsma chats!