The Honeymoon’s Over…or is it?

So my BG’s have been downright CRAZY lately. My spikes are higher, my lows are faster, and my diet/activity level/food choices are pretty much the same as always. I’ve increased my insulin a tiny bit, which I guess it a lot when it comes down to 3 units instead of 2 for a standard 45 carb lunch or 60 carb dinner.

I still don’t bolus for breakfast. And that’s where it starts. I usually eat 30 carbs at breakfast with eggs. Today, I cut it down to 25 in a blueberry muffin with eggs, and spiked to nearly 250. I rarely break 180, certainly not 220. So naturally, I bottom out at 60 afterward, because diabetes. And did I mention I spent the morning in my daughter’s preschool class for her 4th birthday? So yeah, riding out a hypo in preschool…not fun.

Cut to lunch, Chick-fil-a (because again, 4th birthday, it’s a big deal). A meal I’ve had many times, generally ending perfectly in range or maybe slightly high (we’re talking 110-140 post meal on a normal day, maybe higher if I’m high-ish to start). End at 98, but dexcom has an arrow straight down, so naturally I eat a small piece of birthday cake (no icing, I’m not insane). Dexcom is not amused, arrow still down. And it keeps going until I HAVE to go get my kindergartener from the bus stop. I pop some candy and walk, 42 and slowly dropping. Say what?!? Get the bus stop “low” and can you guess? Dropping. Bus is early, thank God. Walk, shall we say briskly, home, pop some more candy, wait. 42 is back with a southeast arrow, then steady arrow. Now I’m sitting, 50 and steady, hoping and waiting for the arrow to head up, more than an hour after cake, two doses of candy, praying I don’t rebound too horribly high, but wondering if I should keep treating.

Thanks Diabetes, for being more inconsistent than  this year’s weather. And I can’t help but wonder what that c-peptide test will show in a couple weeks, and what that will mean for my insulin needs. Can I get an I:C ratio figured out please!?!  For now, I’m just grateful for the new Dexcom, because I can’t imagine surviving this day without it, I never even felt low until it read 42.

Three weeks until my first Diaversary, can anyone tell me it gets easier? More consistant? Less exhausting at least?


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