I’m always excited to meet with a medical professional.¬†Whether it’s my general practice physician, my endocrinologist, the CDE, a nurse, even a pharma rep makes no difference.

And my expectations are always the same, that I will learn something NEW about my diabetes. Not that I will receive a pat on the back (although that’s always a plus), nor that they’re confirm my assumptions or inferences, but that they will teach me something new.

I think today, after meeting with my CDE (who was wonderful, despite not having a personal D experience) I have finally learned that I can’t expect anyone to know more about MY diabetes than I do. I have learned countless things from the DOC (diabetes online community), mostly from reading people’s firsthand experiences with diagnosis, medications, cgms, pumps, etc. I believe it requires that firsthand knowledge (and a lack of FDA oversight) to really be able to teach the kind of daily care that we PWD’s (persons with diabetes) have to administer.

That said, I’m so grateful for every PWD who has put their life out for me to learn from. I appreciate the bloggers, the tweeters, those who have created non-profits and forums and radio shows. Thanks to you for being MY professionals, and teaching me to be a professional PWD, because none of the ‘professionals’ have that ability.