Miss Manners said what?

Dear Miss Manners,

I’m sorry that I try my best to live, and that for me to do so requires the unsightly act of minimal drops of blood or a needle smaller than your post earring piercing my skin a few times each day. I’ll try really hard not to let it bother me that it bothers you. That said, I’m going to continue to perform my life-saving medical procedures wherever I happen to need them, because that’s what diabetes requires. I agree with a comment I read on another blog responding to you that if it bothers you so much, YOU may go to the bathroom. I certainly will not be performing my tiny, inconspicuous medical procedures near a toilet. I have too much self respect and concern for my already immune-compromised self. Most people are too self-absorbed to notice anything going on with strangers anyway.

Thanks so much,




I’m bad at this.

Well, my twitter profile says I might blog once in a while…I guess 2+ months is long enough to go silent.

After 9 months of diagnosed type 1, I finally met with an endocrinologist last week. It was a great appointment. My numbers are still good, she took me off unnecessary meds, and she encouraged, but didn’t push, wearable devices. That said, the rest of the week was FILLED with hypos, so I’m trying to get in touch with the Dexcom rep to see if I can do a trial before I drop money on something so expensive as a CGM. I’m not at all sold on getting a pump, just not ready for that, and so far I really don’t mind the shots. But I do believe a CGM would help me feel better and avoid these frequent lows! Plus, after seeing a sensor in the office, it’s smaller than I expected, which is a relief. She also told me I could switch my Lantus to morning instead of night, which seems to be going much better so far. I believe I was waking up with nighttime lows but I wasn’t really conscious enough to get up and test, so hopefully having it kick in during the daytime will make any lows easier to avoid.

Overall, I’m looking forward to finding some normalcy, this honeymoon period is really starting to wear on me, and she said because of my age it could last a few years, so we’re doing a c-peptide before next visit to see if we can determine how much insulin I’m still making. As much as I appreciate only taking a few units a day, it would be nice if there was some consistency. I’m also hoping to get a half-unit pen so I can try to fine-tune dosing and figure out mealtime ratios. There’s been too much feeding insulin!

Unrelated, I really want this winter to go away. My kids want to be in school. I’m tired of being cold, and my hands being dry and cracked and bleeding. Also, driving while it’s raining ice is not fun, when the highway speed is 45 and people are tailgating like its their job. But that’s just a temporary worry, and I’m kind of glad that there are still temporary worries in my life.